Welcome to City of Atlanta Department of Transportation (ATLDOT)


To support the city’s rapidly expanding effort to embrace current technology, the Department of Transportation is streamlining the permitting process with the online application software APPLY4. In addition to streamlining the permitting process within the City of Atlanta, the Department of Transportation will also be responsible for the following:

  • Issuing permits to Franchise Companies and Qualified Contractors within the right of way in the City of Atlanta.
  • Facilitating communication between Franchise Companies, Qualified Contractors and city agencies.
  • Minimizing potential inconveniences to residents and local businesses affected by work performed in the City’s Right of Way.

Before you get started, please download and review the Useful Documents to your right. You will find the necessary guidelines and helpful information for working in the City of Atlanta. All supplementary forms you will need to proceed can be found to your right as well.


For work along the Marta Streetcar Route please contact Lawrence Graham 404-848-4577 or Ldgraham@itsmarta.com in addition to applying for permits with ATLDOT.

Please be advised, Franchise Permit operations are Monday to Friday, 8:15 am to 5:00 pm, except for holidays. Applications requesting start or finish times before 9:00am, and or after 4:00 pm are subject to be declined. Except for Emergency permit requests.

Please be advised, any issued Franchise Permit will be subject to cancellation if it is determined by City of Atlanta permitting officials that work activities were not initiated 2 weeks after the planned start date.